Shabbat Shalom***

July 12th 2011


Hello everyone! my name is Prophetess Patricia McKinney. The Senior Pastor over Manifestedgloryministries and The President over Womenintransition a woman that is loved and hated by many but a woman that is now Blessed and Favored by God....

As we all can see people, this world is in a Big!! crisis a "Nation Meltdown" a place that corruption and deceit has reached it's highest level.  We hear about another recession coming but what we are about to experience is another Worlds Great Depression even worse than the one in the 1930's.

People around the world we have to be prepared spiritually, naturally and mentally, we have to stock up on food and supplies we have to help the elderly and we have to pray and seek the face of God like never before and for many, you have to truly "Repent" and turn from your evil and wicked ways.

I have been praying and preparing my family for some years now and it has been a long process and not easy at times, but by the Grace of God and his words of instructions we are now able to stand and survive this Great Storm or should I say this Great Tsunami that is about to hit this globe economically.

I only hope and pray that many heed the warnings of God because his spoken word is now manifesting before our very eyes. Dark times are here now and your best survival kit is found in Christ Jesus:




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